Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Closer...

Dad is so close to starting chemotherapy and radiation! On one hand it has only been a month since his diagnosis, but on the other we have all been so anxious for him to begin treatment that it has seemed like a very long wait.
Procedure update:
Last week he met with Dr. R again and had a simulation/virtual image done on Friday. A dietitian determined the caloric intake he will need through his feeding tubes during the times that he won't  be able to eat solid food. Sunday night his sister had my parents over for a soup dinner (thank you Aunt Sherry!). Today he is getting fluoride trays made - with the concentration of radiation to the area around his mouth he must take fluoride doses throughout. Tomorrow Dr. C will assess how well he's healed from having his teeth pulled. Once he has healed enough they will start treatment... most likely by Friday or next Monday!


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