Saturday, February 19, 2011

Change in Chemotherapy Plan

On Valentine's Day dad met with Dr. R for a visual assessment of his tonsil and palate. She concluded that the tonsil was responding to the radiation treatments (7 at that point) and that in three weeks she will use a scope for a more thorough examination. 

Due to dad's reactions to the three doses of chemotherapy, Dr. H has decided to continue treatment with single doses once a week beginning February 24th.

So far dad has completed 12 radiation sessions and three doses of Cisplatin, and his blood work has been coming back just fine. He has been keeping busy at home reading his NOOK, performing population control on non-native species of birds with his gun (poor birds), and learning how to play the guitar!


  1. glad to head about the positive progress! here's to lots more good news!

  2. You've asked for ideas to keep Ken busy. Having worked with him at HHH for several years I have a suggestion: Start a MARS Project. That will keep him busy for a llloooonnnnggg time. It's unending. He can work on it night and day and never finish. I've witnessed it!