Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Radiation Pictures

Dad has experienced a few more side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and food aversions. Considering the fact that he was given three doses of chemo in one day, however, he's doing pretty well. From what I hear, he's really bored! This is his first time not teaching in about 25 years, so I think he needs something to keep him busy over the next few months that doesn't require much energy. Ideas, anyone?

I asked dad to take some pictures of "The Mask" and he sent me one with him wearing it, one of his "waffle face" after radiation, and two of the radiation machine!

I enabled blog comments, and so if you do happen to have ideas of some hobbies for dad please feel free to leave a comment with them, or shoot us an email at


  1. Since Ken can't be in the classroom at this time, I think that it would be fun for him to look back over his valuable years of teaching and begin a jounral of his most memorable times. There have to be plenty of those considering twenty-five years with kids and science experiments!

  2. look at your dad, smiling after chemo. i am very sorry he has to go through this, but it seems like he has the right attitude about it. and the awesome support of so many people! i'm wondering if they have bill nye the science guy on dvd. then he could still be science-y without teaching.