Friday, February 4, 2011

Side Effect #1

Dad's initial course of chemotherapy treatment was to have three doses of chemotherapy in one day, and then return three weeks later for another three doses, three times. The other route would be one chemotherapy dose once a week for nine weeks. Yesterday was dad's first three doses, and although he didn't feel the side effects last night, he sure did today.
Dad passed out twice this morning due to low blood pressure and dehydration. Mom could not catch him, and so he hit his head on the way down both times. An ambulance took them to Kadlec where he was given IV fluids, an X-ray and a CAT Scan and released after a few hours of observation. He is feeling better, but will definitely have some bruising and headaches for the next few days.
Radiation continued today, but later in the afternoon than planned.


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  1. Alyssa--

    Thanks so much for starting this blog. I appreciate being updated on how Ken is doing and knowing there is a place to go without bothering your folks to get the information. Please let your dad and mom know that they are always in my thoughts and they should call if they need anything. There are a lot of people wanting to help.

    Marianne Feller